Spring Creek Chalet is my home. I’ve lived here for over 12 years.

I became independent when I moved here. I no longer have to clean my one bedroom apartment, go grocery shopping, or plan and cook my meals or clean up afterwards. I don’t have to drive myself anywhere or look for a parking place when I get to where I’m going. All of this is done for me. And I don’t do windows.

Now I do what I want to do. I read a lot (we have an excellent library) and I listen to my kind of music, Classic & Opera.

We have a social life here, too. Once a month we have “Happy Hour” to which outside entertainment is brought in. We celebrate special occasions; for instance Christmas, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras, and sometimes we have a party for no reason at all.

Another amenity for which I am very grateful, my wellbeing is checked on at least three times a day. If I don’t show up for a meal someone is here checking on me. Only once have I not been sleeping. That time, I was very ill and was taken to the hospital with pneumonia.

My family has a peace of mind just knowing mother is safe and well taken care of. This, too, is important to me.

“Home is where the heart is.” Spring Creek Chalet is my home!


The Chalet is a great place to live! There is a good path on can walk on. It goes past flowering bushes and trees or beautiful flowers. Residents do not have to do any work to keep the grounds looking beautiful. All the staff are helpful and pleasant.

Ruth Thompson

April 25th this month I have been welcomed as a resident at Heidi’s Spring Creek Chalet for 3 years. This is truly a wonderful place to live in which we spend the later years of our life. This chalet and its’ gardens and beautiful landscaping and many walking paths, also a pond, gazebo, a large patio, keep the residents busy enjoying nature at its finest. Today I walked toward the pond and saw mama & papa Canadian Geese with newly born geese between them crossing the water and 7 does and young deer grazing in a field close by. It’s truly a beautiful site to behold. What is wonderful about this place is the people that run this home and their workers, really show their care & concern for each of us.