Why Us

We are committed to offering excellent care. We take pride in being dedicated to our residents and to the community of Montrose. These qualities have made Spring Creek Chalet the preferred and highly recommended facility of so many families.

  1. Experience
    Spring Creek Chalet has been in business since 1988. That has given us exceptional knowledge and perspective into the aging process.

  2. Reputation
    The quality of our care is well known in our community. And we will gladly give you references from past residents, over 300 satisfied families.

  3. Family Owned & Operated
    Since there is no corporation to deal with, we offer you a supportive environment, where we can give individualized care based on YOUR needs, not the corporation’s needs.

  4. Variety of Activities to Suit Your Lifestyle
    We allow you to choose your level of activity. There are many activities to choose from: quiet times from games and reading to active trips in the mountains.

  5. Adaptable Care Options
    We can work with you to meet your changing needs. This allows our residents to “age in place”. We want you stay at HOME with us.

April 25th this month I have been welcomed as a resident at Heidi’s Spring Creek Chalet for 3 years. This is truly a wonderful place to live in which we spend the later years of our life. This chalet and its’ gardens and beautiful landscaping and many walking paths, also a pond, gazebo, a large patio, keep the residents busy enjoying nature at its finest. Today I walked toward the pond and saw mama & papa Canadian Geese with newly born geese between them crossing the water and 7 does and young deer grazing in a field close by. It’s truly a beautiful site to behold. What is wonderful about this place is the people that run this home and their workers, really show their care & concern for each of us.

Ruth Thompson
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